Death’s Gambit Reveal Trailer!

Tonight on Twitch's main channel, White Rabbit , a small indie dev team, showed off announcement trailer for Death's Gambit. This side-scrolling action RPG is being developed for PC and man does it look great. In the trailer alone you can see the developers love for the Souls series and Shadow of the Collosus. There even seems to be a little … Continue reading Death’s Gambit Reveal Trailer!

[VIDEO] H1Z1 Devs read Hacker Emails

If you been playing H1Z1 at all since its release into Early Access earlier this year, chances are you have been killed by a hacker. They were everywhere not too long ago, flying through the air and insta-killing any and every poor soul to come in contact with them. Good news is, our deaths have … Continue reading [VIDEO] H1Z1 Devs read Hacker Emails