Twitch Community Interview #1

Hey guys! I’ve been increasingly more active in the twitch community lately, and I wanted to spread the word about some amazing casters. SlashCastSTD is one such streamer! Enjoy the interview and give this guy a follow.

1. What is your best memory on twitch?

 1A. I’ve been streaming for a while virtually unnoticed, so when I did a 24 hour stream, I had one specific viewer that stayed the entire time. Hanging out with him for an entire day me feel like I could honestly make this a full time job – it just felt amazing having someone support me that much for that long. It takes a LOT of effort to make a stream worth viewing, and when you find someone who’s willing to watch that stream because they feel like you are THAT entertaining, it’s probably the best thing ever. At times, I fell down to one viewer — but I ALWAYS knew who that viewer was, and I ALWAYS knew he’d be there to support me. TrickyCrusher is still in my channel every day, good times and bad, to show that he supports me as a streamer regardless of what another streamer, team, or other individual think of me. Having that ONE person, who you’ll likely never meet in real life, support you to those ends and without judgement is easily the greatest “payout” that any streamer could have; partnered or not.

2. If you could give any new streamer one piece of advice, what would it be?

 2A. I can’t give just one – but I can say that you can’t be disgruntled over slow growth, the lack of it entirely, or even having to take a few step backs to head forward again. As I’ve said multiple times, ALL of us start at 0. It’s definitely not an easy trek, and the people who expect it to be are only going to be disappointed. The second would be to never stop improving. I’ve gone through so many fucking panels, images, scenes, microphones, EVERYTHING — just to find what works right my personality and my stream. I’m still not done, and I’ll never be done.

3. What is your most anticipated game to stream?

 3A. I honestly don’t have a game that I look forward to anymore. I’ve been gaming since I could fit my hands around a controller – I love games, but I love games that fucking deserve. There’s a lot of SHITTY games that come out and people expect things to be glorious, and the hype train builds on twitch and everyone wants to watch it — fuck that. I’m going to play a game that I love, a game that others will love; a game that lets me have and shows my viewers I give a shit about them, and not the hype.

4. Do you think face cams make or break a show?

 4A. Honestly – you have to have the balance. There are streamers where the lack of face cam actually isolates and helps viewers focus on a great voice with great audio quality, and those people have been incredibly successful. There’s also the debate of demographic – I guarantee at least someone has left my channel because I DO have a facecam, and they prefer streams without it.

5. What is the most common mistake you see with new streamers?

5A. I could say quality – be it audio or video, but it’s not. Sadly, it’s assumptions – I myself was guilty of this. I assumed that I had an epic personality that people would love to see, hang out with, and in general just be themselves around. What I got was nothing – a couple of weeks of worthless streams that really made me rethink everything I did. I’ve advertised, I’ve networked, I’ve done everything within my personal power to bring the highest quality cast I can financially and mentally muster, and I have JUST now achieved a level of content with how my channel is viewed and ran. I’m small, but again – I don’t give a shit about my numbers… not anymore, at least.

6. Do you play music on your stream? If so, who do you play the most?

6A. The music I play is mostly copyrighted – but I listen to almost nothing but punk music; and if it’s not punk, it’s metal. Not many people like it, but those that do show a hefty appreciation for it. Coincidentally, it’s not what I play the most – “serious” music is for when I’m setting up. Mid-stream music is 100% “funny” music… and I can’t seem to stop playing the Duck Tales theme song (woo-oo!)

7. What gear do you use on stream?

7A. Apart from my rig, I recently completely gutted and revised my audio equipment, and it has its qualms. Mic quality is a HUGE priority for me, so I sold a dickton of stock and picked up a PreSonus AudioBox, a Behringer X1204USB Mixer, and a Shure SM35 microphone. It’s made a world of difference in terms of production quality, despite a few issues with gauging the exact mic-positioning and levels. I’ve honestly put 30 hours into fine-tuning the mic alone; and it’s still not where I want it to be. Apart from audio equipment, I use a couple of masks for random gigs when I’m in the mood, and a foam axe I picked up last halloween for raids… I love that axe 😀

8. What is the most effective way you gained a larger viewership?

8A. Granted I’ve been given a LOT of support, I feel a lot of that support was reciprocal in the sense that few supported me until I supported them… it’s honestly a dick thing to say, but there are times where I feel like Twitch is a game of cut-throat, and everyone cares so much about their own growth, that if you’re not helping them, then FUCK YOU. HOWEVER, I’ve met a lot of genuinely nice people on twitch, people that go out of their way to support me as well, even if it’s just because I said hello in their channel once or twice. When I boil the question down to its point, however, it has been by being different. I am a loud, foul-mouthed, no holds-barred streamer who will continue to stream whether someone hates me or not. In the same regard, I feel like people really start to enjoy my stream when they see the serious face come along – it’s a rare occasion, but people know that I’m genuinely in it to entertain and show others that I enjoy it, even if it means shitting on someone else’s parade for ruining the fun. I personally don’t feel that it’s a massive viewership, but to me, one person having the time of their life is better than ever making partner.

9. What is the hardest thing about streaming?

9A. Trying not to compare yourself to others. There’s a lot to be said here – but in the end there will always be someone that averages more viewers than you with half of the followers, or gets shoutouts in every stream they go to even though it’s their first time visiting. This is probably the struggle I deal with most; I am naturally competitive and it is my scourge. It’s part of the reason that I never stop trying to improve, and part of the reason that I try to watch every stream that I can — even if that person hates me because I’m a different type of caster than they are.

10. What is your stream’s regular content?

10A. This question alone makes me rethink my channel. I have no REGULAR content. I could say “well I’m a variety streamer, so there is nothing regular”. I could ramble about how I’m always upbeat and funny and enjoyable – but that’s impossible to be. I have no regular content; I have unique content, but in the end, every day is something different; be it a struggle, a party, or me just fucking around in a game because I don’t particularly give a santa claus-flavored shit that day. The only thing I could even consider regular would be my clown video’s – a series of videos I had done by a buddy of mine for when I start the stream, take breaks, get raided, etc., that’s the only thing that doesn’t change daily.

Added Note:  It took me a couple of weeks until I started making friends on twitch; people I genuinely care for and would help out in real life now. If you’re a numbers-streamer, networking is your greatest asset and will be until the day you call it quits. If you’re in it for the fun, you can definitely make some amazing friends along the way. My girlfriend Ash, and other streamers – BraveSirCheeto, SillyAndStrange, BlockByBlock, NickTSA28, and CosbyPuddinPop have been incredibly supportive of me – if I quit streaming tomorrow, I would still do everything in my power to support this guys and make sure they knew I would always be there for them; streaming or not.

Again I want to thank SlashCastSTD for all of the support, and for doing this interview with me. The twitch community has been so supportive thus far and I can’t wait to meet more amazing people.

As always thanks for reading and please share this if you enjoyed it.

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