Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail

PS4, some internet research required

Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail is an intriguing DLC with it’s random mix of on console missions and online research. If you’re not running around Seattle, Washington, then you’re looking over evidence and deciphering codes that Celia, the paper conduit, leaves for you in the form of origami doves. Along with codes and information, Celia also draws on the doves and leaves you with a manga comic involving anthropomorphic animals.


On the internet side of this DLC, you have to look through wallets and websites for more evidence. Certain codes on the websites involve randomly generated passwords or numeric codes. Video footage, camera feeds, and a vehicle locator site are just a few of the tools you will encounter one your search.


Saying this back and forth from the console to the computer is a tedious and time consuming process is a rather large understatement, though. It takes up so much of your time you’ll wonder how anyone could efficiently finish this free piece of DLC. It has so many different sites that you’ll need loads of tabs. Just because the DLC is free doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a good hook.

I have yet to finish this interesting piece of work just yet, though I could tell you without a trace of doubt that this DLC will be the one I finish and continuously question whether the time invested out weighed the reward.


All in all it’s not terrible but it’s rather interesting. Celia will lead you on an extensive chase through the city of Seattle to solve murders and mischief alike. Either way, this content is worth the time. The long arduous hours you will spend playing it will seem like a faint memory when you finish. When you are done First Light will be waiting for you and you will have loads of fun there too. Cool, fun and detective-y! You will enjoy this tedious yet interesting free addition to an already impressive title.

How do you feel about DLC? Does it muddy or add to the overall experience? Let us know in the comment below!

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