Lionhead goes F2P with Fable Legends

In light of the phenomenal success of F2P giants like Dota and League of Legends, Lionhead Studio’s released a video detailing how their new Fable game, Fable Legends is going to work. On top of this very interesting news, some gorgeous new screenshots have been released for our eyes to gawk over.

Fable legends will allow you and a group of friends to fight through player controlled encounters. The villain in the scenario will have a long list of monster and traps at their disposal to try and defeat the heroes as they quest through Albion. Players will have a choice of rotating heroes which can also be purchased outright if you fall in love with a certain play style.

The devs have been very upfront with how they are going to run the F2P aspect of the game, stating that, “if you want a high level character, you are going to have to earn it.” All in-game items that increase the abilities of the player can be earned in-game with no purchase necessary. Now that being said, you can probably expect for the in-game store to consist of boosts of every sort, from gold to XP and everything in between.

One thing that really struck me during the video is that the developer said EVERYTHING will be accessible for free. You will not have to throw wads of cash at your screen in order to explore the newest quests with your friends. This is a great idea and I really hope the developers stick to this.

Unfortunately, we all know how a F2P games life cycle can drastically change the outlook of the developer as well as the publisher, which in this case is Microsoft. That being said, Lionhead looks to have done a great job with the combat thus far and the world that crafted looks gorgeous. Hopefully this experience can help me forget about Fable 3. We shall see later this year when the beta opens up. I’m excited to adventure in Albion once more.

What was your favorite Fable game and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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