Currently Playing: Mitch Murder – Burning Chrome

For the past few weeks I’ve been hardcore working on finishing up my senior show and things to make sure I graduate on time. The wait is finally over and that hard work paid off. Music drives a lot of my work as a designer and every once in a while I find an artist that gets me through certain stages in my creative process. Enter Mitch Murder.

If you are looking for some great 80s synth to rock out to while you do you thing, look no further. Mitch Murder has you covered, and his album Burning Chrome is a fine example of this. The Heat is On is by far one of my favorite tracks on the release so give it a listen!

If you like what you hear, make sure to head over to BandCamp and check out all of the amazing music posted on Rosso Corsa Records page.

Mitch Murder Info:

Website    [symple_social icon=”twitter” url=”” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]      [symple_social icon=”facebook” url=”″ title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]     [symple_social icon=”youtube” url=”” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]

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