From mod to feature!

Its great when you see a AAA developer like Rockstar learn from its modding community. The addition of a first person viewpoint is a great addition that is sure to bring fans of the game back now that it is releasing on the next gen systems on November 18th.

From the trailer, it looks as if this first person mode is a great work around for people who despised to aiming mechanics that have been criticized in GTA titles from the moment the camera was behind your criminal avatar. I think this shows fans that Rockstar is committed to giving new purchasers a fresh, polished take GTA V. I for one can’t wait to explore Blaine County from the handlebars of a dirt bike.

All of us here are still waiting for the PC release but unfortunately it has been delayed passed the Next Gen copies. I hope that more developers will take this stance in the future by taking modder’s ideas into consideration.

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