Bethesda announces their first E3 conference

E3. E3 never changes. Until this year.

Bethesda has announced that this year they will be holding their first ever E3 conference. Rising to the ranks of other big name developers such as Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, and Sony. Why the sudden change? One can only speculate.

Bethesda is known for their blockbuster titles such as the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout, Dishonored, The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order among others. We can only expect that this recent change to how they handle E3 as something big. We can expect announcements about ESO on consoles and we can only hope for a sequel to one of their blockbuster titles.

The game everyone is expecting is Fallout 4 with the new ESO release its doubtful to see a new Elder scrolls game coming out. There are many other titles to chose from for a sequel including Dishonored 2, maybe even a Doom sequel. Its doubtful to see The Evil Within or Wolfenstein as they recently released both of those games within the last year. But Fallout 4 seems the most likely announcement to expect. I know I have been anxiously awaiting a new Fallout game since Fallout New Vegas released back in 2010 and its due for a reboot.

The only thing to expect is pure hype. Get ready. Prepare yourself. And stay tuned into their twitter page for more updates via @bethblog.

What would you like to see them announce at E3? Let us know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Bethesda announces their first E3 conference

  1. Shphrd says:

    Dishonored 2 would definitely be interesting! I love playing Dishonored, if only for seeing part of the half life team work on a new game. The art direction was spot on! I still need to beat that game, though. Such a back log…


    • Shphrd says:

      Agreed! I just hope they clean up the combat of Elder Scrolls in the next release. After playing Dragon’s Dogma, I can’t even play Skyrim anymore. The combat in Dragon’s Dogma is just FAR superior, visually and mechanically.


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