Bierzerkers is brewing in Early Access

Bierzerkers released through the steam early access program July 9th for $9.99, and I decided to give it a try.


All Hail Stout and Ale!

Bierzerkers is a multiplayer arena game that puts you in the helmet of a fallen Viking warrior and allows you to rip apart foes with a plethora of special moves and techniques. So far the game hosts 5 playable heroes.


The first of these is The Raider. This testosterone filled brute lays waste the everything in his path with a trusty sword and shield while shouting Schwarzenegger inspired lines at the top of his lungs.

Equipped with a charge attack, a whirlwind, and a shield throw, this warrior is sure to keep you in the fight and hacking off limbs to your heart’s content. But even he has a weakness!


Enter The Huntress! This agile archer slays from a distance with her frost bow, making sure that every hit comes with a side of frostbite for good measure. She is more crowd control based than The Raider with an AoE frost nova arrow and a freezing shot that can pass through multiple enemies.

For a quick escape, she can even vault backward into the air and land a safe distance away from the fight. Fragile but powerful, this glass canon will make any WoW Hunter feel right at home!


For those who like to fight dirty, I present to you The Scoundrel aka The Rogue. This trickster sprints around the battlefield reeking havoc wherever he steps. Whether at range with knives or close up with swords, his equipment prepares him for any situation. He also has a bomb that can stick to enemies or surfaces and a decoy that blind people when it is attacked.

If you yearn to jump in and out of the shadows, turning the tide of battle, for your own gain of course, then look no further!


If sprinting around like a madman or madwomen isn’t quite your speed, grab a pint, a hammer, and say hello to The Drunkard! This giant of a man works as the healing class in the game, providing free booze to teammates, but don’t mistake him for a pushover.

In an instant, he can launch in the air and belly flop on a charging foe stunning them and turning their bodies into Viking soup. He can even throw his keg for a ranged stun attack if the situation calls for it.


The last hero on the docket is the deceptively agile, Valkyrie. She can hold her own on the battlefield, out ranging all but The Huntress with her spear. Her abilities include a defensive wall that blocks incoming attacks, team shield buff, and a massive bubble shield.

Any warrior would be happy to have her by their side while charging toward an objective!


The game is beautifully rendered as you can see from the screenshots above and features 2 multiplayer game modes and one single player mode at this time.

The Team Death Match mode has a shared life counter for each team, first to lose all 30 lives is defeated.

For the more objective players, there is a Domination style game type where both teams battle over 3 control points around the maps.

The single player offering is a survival mode that continuously throws hordes of zombies at your until your hero falls.

All in all, this is a pretty solid amount of game for a fresh early access release and the developers promise to continue adding content with regular updates. A customization system is also slated to allow your own personal touch to be added to your favorite Brewhallians. Best of all, this game is a hell of a lot of fun!

Make sure to check out their dev blog at for more information about the game!

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